West Valley City Request Tracker

 The RequestTracker is a tool that can be used for reporting street lights that are out, potholes, or other concerns.


What To Do If You Notice a down wire or Crash Into An Electricity Pole   



Never assume a power line is dead: The electrical current doesn’t always turn off when a power line is down. Even if it shows no signs of life (arcing, smoking, buzzing or popping) it may still hold a dangerous current. Always treat a downed wire as if it’s energized and could seriously injure or kill you.

Warn others to stay away. If you’ve been in an accident, passersby might run over to help you. However, you should warn people away if you’re able. Power lines are dangerous, and no one should come near them until the power has been cut by trained professionals with a mandate to do so. 

Stay in your car. If you run into an electricity pole, it’s almost always best to stay in your car. If a wire has fallen, your vehicle is the safest place for you to be. The vehicle acts as a path for the electrical current to travel through to reach the ground. If you’re in the vehicle you’re safe, but if you get out, you could be electrocuted. If you can, warn others to stay away from the vehicle and call the local authorities or nearest electric utility so power can be cut to the lines.

Know how to exit the vehicle safely.You should only attempt to leave your vehicle if it is on fire. It’s important that you don’t touch the car and the ground at the same time. To exit as safely as possible, you should jump from the car, keeping your feet together, and hop away from the scene. (Author SPEC).


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